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How Working Parents Can Stay Productive

by Dr. Rick Goodman on June 19, 2017

I’m going to say something that you might think sounds crazy, but hear me out. I think working parents can actually be a lot more productive than any other members of the workforce. I believe this, in part, because I’ve seen it for myself. But also, because I know that when you’re dividing your day between two full-time jobs (career and parenting) it makes every minute infinitely more valuable—and you’re going to be a lot more careful to use it prudently.

Of course, it helps to approach your work-life balance strategically—and in today’s post, I’m going to offer a few strategies for doing so.

How Working Parents Can Use Their Time Wisely

Get help from your partner. Your spouse/fiancée/partner can help you, so long as you let them. He or she may not rise to the occasion of doing laundry or washing dishes, so ask them—and when they do it, accept the job they do. It may not be exactly how you would have done it, but that’s just how things go when you’re in any kind of working partnership.

Plan ahead. Weekly lunch and dinner menus, shopping lists, a family calendar with all your appointments—these planning tools are key. In fact, I’d recommend planning your outfits in advance, to save you on time during those hectic mornings.

Use weekends wisely. Hopefully you can devote plenty of time on your weekends to just being together with your family—but also be sure to run a load of laundry, make a quick trip to the grocery store, and whatever else will help you focus in on the next week.

Keep your appointments. I don’t just mean work appointments; I mean appointments with your family. If you tell your kids you’re going to do something together, put it into your calendar—and treat it as seriously as you would an appointment with your boss.

Communicate. This is the most important one, of course. Before each week, spend some time talking with your partner about anything the next few days have in store—and make sure you’re totally on the same page about what needs to get done, and by whom.

You Can Do This

Working parents can get a lot done, especially when they recognize just how valuable their time really is—and prioritize accordingly. I can offer my services as an executive leadership coach, too; contact me to learn more about how you can be productive as a working mom or dad!

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