Why Leaders Fail Episode 9

Why Leaders Fail – Episode 9

by Dr. Rick Goodman on May 10, 2019

Hi this is Dr. Rick Goodman international leadership expert, keynote speaker and author of the Amazon Kindle best-selling book The Solutions Oriented Leader in this episode of the Solutions Oriented Leader Podcast our topic is “Why Leaders Fail”

There are many reasons why leaders fail, however in this episode I’m going to examine four of the most common reasons that I have found over the last 30 years to be the core reasons why leaders fail.

1.They Lack Self-Awareness

I have discovered that many leaders lack self-awareness of their behaviors or their communication styles. In order to be a successful leader, you have to be aware of your communication and be prepared for life of never-ending improvement.

 2.They lack communication skills the drive engagement in connection

Some leaders communicate through social media, email, texts and tweets when real engagement is through connection and conversation.

 3.They Fail to Communicate across All Generations

Many leaders fail to communicate across all generations instead of just the ones that they like to spend the most time with. That’s the easy thing to do! Stepping out of your comfort zone is a hard thing to do, but that’s what true leaders do.

4.They Fail to Connect with People on a Personal and Emotional Level

A leader must touch people personally and emotionally with their vision and their goals. Emotions drive sales, productivity and direction. The key is to be forthcoming and transparent with yourself and your message.

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Dr. Rick GoodmanWhy Leaders Fail – Episode 9