Understanding The Benefits of Transformational Leadership Episode 28

Understanding The Benefits of Transformational Leadership – Episode 28

by Dr. Rick Goodman on September 18, 2019

I’m often asked by leaders around the world what is transformational leadership? They hear the words used but they don’t understand the benefit or the true meaning a transformational leadership. In this episode I will share with you the benefits of having a transformational leadership culture in the five steps that you can use to implement one immediately in your organization.


In order to understand why we recommend implementing a transformational leadership culture in your organization it’s important to understand some of the benefits.


A transformational leader can enhance employee morale and performance providing a strong sense of purpose to motivate change and ultimately create a work environment it’s characterized by trust.


Five steps for implementing a transformational leadership culture:


  1. Focus on your situational awareness this includes performing interviews and employee assessments to determine each individual’s highest and best use within the team.



  1. Practice what you preach and lead by example! Teams go where you go, and your employees will always be looking to make sure that you’re doing exactly what you said you were going to do. When you are a leader that walks their talk, your team will start follow-through.


  1. Create an open and transparent feedback process. Make sure that process is constructive and that you have an intentional, dynamic and value adding approach to giving feedback.


  1. Have an open-door policy: transformational leaders that are willing to accept feedback from their employees find that their employees are more willing to cooperate and be open to change.


  1. Invest in the professional development of the members of your team. There’s nothing more important than constantly developing your team members and improving their skills. This long-term investment will always pay the greatest dividends including an increasing retention and attracting even more talent.


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Dr. Rick GoodmanUnderstanding The Benefits of Transformational Leadership – Episode 28