Twitter and its Impact On Your Public-Relations

by Dr. Rick Goodman on March 12, 2009

I Just recently I got involved in a new craze that’s hitting the Internet known as twitter.  Many of my speaker, friends said, you just had beyond twitter the text messaging of the Internet.  They felt there were many benefits with twitter, not just the sharing of information, but the exposure of your business, your products and services.
So I started to twitter not really knowing what I was doing, but that’s never stopped me in the past!  It was just last Wednesday when my good friend attorney Stuart Greenberg of  invited me to go to the Miami Heat game that night.  They happen to be playing against Phoenix and it was the return of Shaquille O’Neal to the Atlantic Airlines Arena.  It promised to be a great game and a shootout with the future MVP of the league Dwayne Wade.
That afternoon I noticed Shaquille O’Neal was on twitter from his Blackberry and he challenged any fans who could find him eating outside downtown to come up and touch him and they would receive two tickets to that night’s game.  I decided to twitter Shaquille O’Neal directly and ask him how many points he thought he would score in the game that night.

Next I noticed Shaq, responding with a hint that he was on the street somewhere between 1st and 15th streets in South Beach.  Shaq finally revealed that he was eating lunch at the Versace Mansion.

Later that night, Stewart was asking me what I was doing while I was on my Blackberry.  I told him I was on twitter sending messages out to the universe.  I was a little upset, because I couldn’t believe that with such great players in the game the stands were half-empty.

The next day I was driving my car, when suddenly my phone rang on my Dr. Rick Goodman  line.  When I picked up the phone the individual identified herself as the sports business writer for the Sun Sentinel newspaper in Florida. She told me that she was doing a story on how sports franchises have been quick to embrace twitters ability to keep them in touch with fans and the media and she had noticed my tweaks online and asked if she could interview me for the story. 

Our discussion led to story about my background as a professional speaker and author of the book Living a Championship Life “A Game Plan for Success.”  This past Monday, I received an e-mail from a high school friend who is on face book.  He had just read the front page of the business section in the Sun Sentinel, revealing some of my twitter quotes.  Suffice to say, I immediately recognized the impact that twitter can have on the public relations and promotion of my products and services.

I can’t even imagine the cost that I would have incurred hiring a public-relations firm in order to get me some type of exposure in the Sun Sentinel with the possibility future interviews to come.  The moral of the story is if you’re not  twittering  its time that you start.  To follow me on twitter go to

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Dr. Rick GoodmanTwitter and its Impact On Your Public-Relations

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