True Leaders in Columbus Georgia

by Dr. Rick Goodman on June 26, 2007

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting with leaders in Columbus, Georgia. I was speaking at the Managers and Supervisors Conference where I met some of the most fabulous and positive people I’ve spoken to in years. A majority of these people were teachers and educators. They were willing to learn and were excited to share the lessons that I was teaching them with their students. It’s always been my opinion that teachers are the most important people on the planet, and unfortunately the lowest paid. However, their natural energy and excitement about what they were doing in life truly inspired me from the moment they walked into the seminar to the moment they left with smiles on their faces. I also had the pleasure to meet with the association executives from the Florida Society of Ambulatory Surgical Centers in Tallahassee Florida. I can’t wait to meet with their members and deliver my newest keynote address: Striving for Excellence ” What We Do and the People We Touch” at the Marriott Hotel in Tampa Florida On July 19. The executives at the FSASC also informed me that my article had just been published in the Georgia Society Of Ambulatory Surgical Centers Spring newsletter. I’m really excited that my article has had such an amazing effect on the people in our healthcare industry today. Every day I realize that I am truly blessed to be able touch so many peoples lives on a regular basis.

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Dr. Rick GoodmanTrue Leaders in Columbus Georgia