Transformational Leaders Set the Tone for Clear Communication

Transformational Leaders Set the Tone for Clear Communication

by Dr. Rick Goodman on October 4, 2017

Without basic communication skills, team members not only can’t work together, but they essentially become estranged from one another. Collaboration suffers, morale wanes, and the team itself splinters. Clear communication is key, and it starts at the top—with the team leader.

Here are some ways that you can use your leadership position to create a culture of transparent communication.

How Leaders Can Communicate Effectively

Assign tasks to specific people. If you ask, Hey, can anyone write some sales copy, the sales copy isn’t going to get written. It’s far better to give everyone a specific role: “Joe, will you please write some sales copy, and then Sarah, will you please review it and offer feedback?”

Have follow through. Do what you say you’re going to do. Say what you mean. Practice integrity. Otherwise, you’ll lose trust—and without trust, communication quickly falls apart.

Speak face to face. Email and text can be valuable tools, and sometimes it’s all you’ve got—but whenever possible, have conversations face to face, especially if the topic is really important or could possibly lead to confusion.

Set an example of active listening. Keep quiet when others are offering their point of view, rather than insert yourself into every conversation.

Aim for simplicity. Before you deliver a message, try boiling it down to its simplest possible version.

Say no. Set an example of declining offers or ideas that just aren’t right for you in a given moment—for example, say no to meetings that aren’t necessary.

Be honest and direct. Generally speaking, beating around the bush or obfuscating your point simply won’t produce good results.

The way you communicate with your team members matters—not least because it sets the tone for how they communicate with each other.

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Dr. Rick GoodmanTransformational Leaders Set the Tone for Clear Communication