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Tiger Woods Comes Alive The Making of a Champion – Episode 4

by Dr. Rick Goodman on April 16, 2019

Welcome to a special edition of the Solutions Oriented Leader podcast “Tiger Woods Comes Alive; The Making of A Champion.


Tiger Woods won his first major tournament in nearly 11 years. Today was also the first time he won the Masters since 1997 almost 22 years later It was just two years ago when Tiger was thinking about giving up, his back was not cooperating in is attempt to continue to play the game he loved.


Tiger Woods like most champions had a vision and mindset of winning the championship again! As any champion knows it takes consistent work in a persistent vision that you can succeed. Tiger Woods put that time in over the last two years after having an operation on his back.

He put the time in every single day working to become a champion once again! Whether you want to become a champion in business or in life it takes hard and a persistent vision that you can accomplish your goals and objectives

Today Tiger came alive and showed us all what it takes to be a champion! You two have an ability to become a champion in any endeavor that you seek, as long as you have that persistent vision, a set of goals in front of you and the fire to succeed, you too will become a champion in life!


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Dr. Rick GoodmanTiger Woods Comes Alive The Making of a Champion – Episode 4