Three Ways to Deal with Bad Leadership

Three Ways to Deal with Bad Leadership

by Dr. Rick Goodman on October 18, 2017

Statistics prove time and time again that bad leadership drives employees away; indeed, it’s one of the most common reasons for job transfers and career changes. But when you’re actually experiencing bad leadership, day in and day out, you can’t simply up and run. You’ve got to weather the storm, at least for a little while, and remain productive in your work.

That can be easier said than done, but I have three quick guidelines that I hope will help.

You Be Responsible for You

It’s important to acknowledge the problem without adding to it. Yes, you may have a bad boss, and yes, he or she may make it difficult for you to do your best work. But there are still things you can control—and one of them is your own response. Rather than complaining—which can sap the enthusiasm from your teammates, and also compound your own problems with motivation and productivity—own your part of the situation. Do everything in your power to focus on your projects and to do the best with the resources you’re given.

Remember: The Company is Bigger Than the Boss

When you can’t look to your boss for leadership, look beyond—to the company’s mission statement. Think about the ultimate goal of the business, and what your role is in advancing that goal. Focus on the things you can do to deliver value and to get results, inching your team closer and closer to that objective.

Start a Dialogue

Returning to what I said about owning your part of the situation, one thing you can do to try building bridges is to reach out to your boss and ask for feedback. Respectfully ask for some things you’re doing well and some areas where you could improve. You might be surprised by how disarming this can be—and how effective.

Nobody likes having a bad boss, of course—but don’t let it stop you from trying, or from doing the best work you’re capable of.

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Dr. Rick GoodmanThree Ways to Deal with Bad Leadership