Three keys for Selling to Woman - Episode 18

Selling to Woman Three Keys with Carolyn Strauss Episode 18

by Dr. Rick Goodman on July 9, 2019

Carolyn Strauss sold over one million dollars of her Carolyn Strauss clothing line on Home Shopping Network in just one day because she understands the three keys for selling to woman! Today she is going to share the three keys for selling to woman and she should know!

In 1997, Carolyn Strauss created the Carolyn Strauss Collection later rebranded as  CSC Studio and spent 18 years as the inspiration, CEO and on camera spokesperson exclusively sold on the Home Shopping Network.  She created “easy wear, easy care clothing for busy women, so that after they get dressed in the morning, they don’t have to think about themselves for the rest of the day.” Her experience running this multi-million clothing company gives her the credibility and flexibility and knowledge to speak and train all over the world.

Carolyn Strauss has studied and worked with some of the foremost experts in the world on gender communication, transacting in the marketplace and voice dialogue which means she understands brings many talents to every client . Through years of continuous practice, study and learning, Carolyn brings unmatched expertise to serve her clients. Her passion to create workplaces that support team members, the executive suite and the goals of the business is evident, and she communicates her hard earned knowledge to each of her clients with a keen sense of humor and an engaging delivery.

Through a lifetime of entrepreneurial ventures, a successful modeling career, years of retail experience and a television career, Carolyn has a varied background where she has been exposed to nearly every type of enterprise.  This unique set of experiences has honed her ability to work successfully with almost any type of business.

To Contact or Book Carolyn
7555 W Amherst Ave. Suite 36371
Denver, CO 80236


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Dr. Rick GoodmanSelling to Woman Three Keys with Carolyn Strauss Episode 18