The Top Ten Most Effective Employee Engagement Strategies Episode 32

The Top Ten Most Effective Employee Engagement Strategies Episode 32

by Dr. Rick Goodman on November 14, 2019

The Top Ten Most Effective Employee Engagement Strategies

One of the most common questions I’m asked after delivering a motivational keynote speech is; “How do I develop an employee engagement strategy at work”? It’s been my experience that one-size-fits-all employee engagement strategies are not very effective!

I do believe however there are number of key ingredients that most employee engagement strategies have in common in order to be effective. I’m going to call them my Top 10 Most Effective Employee Engagement Strategies in this episode of the Solutions Oriented Leader Podcast.


  1. Make sure that your employees have the right tools to perform at a high-level. Employees who don’t feel they have the right tools including computer programs and other essential technologies become apathetic and never be fully engaged.
  2. Investing in ongoing training: a Harvard University study recently was published and said that employees who don’t feel a Companies invested in improving their skills leaving find other avenues of work
  3. Employee engagement starts with on boarding. When I am working with HR professionals and business owners, I’m always telling them that the engagement process starts during the interview process. This is where you will be articulating your company culture and mission to new recruits.
  4. Recognition activities: Recognition activities are essential for the positive growth of your team. Everyone wants love, appreciation and respect for a job well done. People like to be told when they’re doing a good job.
  5. Feedback is essential to employee engagement: did you make an effort to provide employee praise and affirmation, also remember to be clear, consistent and timely with employee feedback.
  6. Create open lines of communication: I believe one of the keys to employee engagement is transparency and open communication. There are a number of different ways you can accomplish this, but make sure to have an open-door policy!
  7. What gets calendars gets done: Metrics is a crucial part of employee engagement. Your team needs to know the goals and objectives in order to increase productivity.
  8. Embrace your culture: one of the keys to employee engagement and retention is having a good work culture and making sure that your team understands how they play a role in the success of the organization in maintaining the company culture.
  9. Make opportunities to destress workplace stress and burnout are very real problems, and if you let them faster, it could eat into your employee engagement numbers. Make sure to make time for fun activities especially off-campus activities.
  10. Create a sense of balance: if as a leader you are out of balance it will be very difficult for your team to be in balance either. There’re a lot of ways you can provide employees with a greater sense of balance including Remote work options, flexibility to leave a little early to handle family matters and time for exercise.

As you can see, developing effective employee engagement strategy is a large undertaking. As you head into another year discover how employee engagement strategies can make your life easier today.


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Dr. Rick GoodmanThe Top Ten Most Effective Employee Engagement Strategies Episode 32

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