The Solutions Oriented Leader™ Workshop

This is the expanded, in-depth training based on Dr. Rick’s best-selling book “The Solutions Oriented Leader.”


Your team will learn his proven step-by-step Solutions Oriented Transformational Leadership Process®. This will help your organization create a true solutions-oriented culture that is innovative, focused and ready to take on any opportunity with ease.

The Solutions Oriented Leader Workshop for Executive Teams™


This two-day solutions oriented leader workshop for executive teams is designed to give your executive The Solutions Oriented Leader Workshopmanagement team transformational leadership skills which will help improve your company culture and fuel the growth of your business.

It’s time to become part of the “Solution Revolution” and join the thousands of leaders and companies throughout the world who are becoming solution oriented leaders. If you are managing the workforce and are responsible for getting results from the efforts of a group of people, then you’re in charge of a team—and the team’s success depends on your ability to motivate, support, train, give feedback and reward.

The bottom line is you need to lead your people to achieve objectives. This two-day solutions oriented leader workshop is designed to achieve exactly that.

The Solutions Oriented Leader Workshop for HR Professionals ™


Today’s HR professionals are faced with a multitude of challenges, which include keeping up with trends in the The Solutions Oriented Leader Workshop for Executivesworkplace, prioritizing those trends, and developing solutions for managing the workforce.

This two-day solutions oriented leader workshop for HR professionals is designed to give HR professionals a game plan for success. Dr. Rick Goodman a world-renowned transformational leadership expert will share is proprietary systems and techniques in the workshop.

Past attendees have said that this workshop and the transformational leadership skills they learned had an immediate positive impact on their company culture.
It’s time to develop your leadership skills and get the game plan to create a happy work environment and achieve world class results! This program is also approved for strategic business credits through HRCI.

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The Solutions Oriented Leader Workshops™

The Solutions Oriented Leader™ Book

Your Comprehensive Guide to Achieve Success

It’s time to be part of the “Solution Revolution” and join the thousands of leaders and companies throughout the world who are becoming solution oriented leaders. It’s all based on the lessons in this step-by-step guide developed by author, keynote speaker, and international leadership expert Dr. Rick Goodman.

You’ll discover how to Transform Your Thinking, Optimize Your Assets,
and Accelerate Your Connectivity to achieve world-class balance and results in your business and in your life.

In this first-of-a-kind, comprehensive guide, author Dr. Rick Goodman leads you through the everyday challenges of the modern workplace while providing you with easy-to-implement solutions to achieve world-class results!

The Solutions  Oriented Leader™ shows you how to:

Now you can be in control of your destiny—giving yourself permission to be successful! You can become a leader who inspires others for a lifetime. You can harness your positive attitude and share it to propel your business to new heights.

With the Solutions Oriented mindset, you now have the business and life playbook promoting productivity, boosting employee engagement, and creating a happy work environment.

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