The Power of The Morning Huddle - Episode 19

The Power of The Morning Huddle Episode 19

by Dr. Rick Goodman on July 11, 2019

The morning huddle is a powerful tool for leaders, business owners, managers, supervisors and entrepreneurs to better communicate with their teams resulting in an increase in productivity, better communication and transparency and a happy workplace environment.

In today’s episode of the solutions oriented leader podcast you will discover how to implement a morning huddle effectively to accomplish your goals and objectives while keeping your team and your clients informed and in the loop at all times.

If you haven’t gotten your copy of “The Solutions Oriented Leader Your Comprehensive Guide to Achieve World-Class Results” what are you waiting for? The reviews are in and they have been fantastic so far all are five-star reviews! You could pick up your copy on Amazon or Barnes & Noble in addition to independent bookstores around the country.

Here are some review from Amazon for The Solutions Oriented Leader

5.0 out of 5 stars Grab a pen and highlighter – terrific leadership advice

April 20, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Actionable, smart strategies and insights about leadership at every level. If you lead people – even one – you need to buy this terrific book. Read it, dog ear it, mark it up. Then start using the principles and practices with your team.
— David Newman, author of Do It! Marketing and creator of the Speaker Profit Formula

5.0 out of 5 stars This Book Nails It

April 28, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This book takes a hard look at leadership from a unique angle. There are so many authors who write on leading others but Dr. Rick Goodman has taken his sports medicine background – and the time he spent in the Ram’s locker room – and brought it to life. I really enjoyed this one.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great lessons on changing your corporate culture

April 24, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

As a leader I’m always looking for new things that I can do to motivate and engage with my team. in the first few chapters I got 10 ideas and action steps that I could use instantly to help improve the culture at my company. I highly recommend it to women who lead!

5.0 out of 5 stars This book is for real.

April 26, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

Most books on leadership are full of platitudes. You know, the “it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog” kind of nonsense. But this book is different. Author and leadership consultant Rick Goodman has written a book full of actionable information on how to be a leader, how to employ leadership, and how to foster leadership in the people who report to you. What’s more, the book is organized so carefully that after you’ve read through it, it’s easy to use the book as a reference guide and quickly refer back to whatever issue, problem or point you need clarification on. I enjoyed reading Goodman’s book and I learned a lot. I believe you will too.

I am also so excited to announce That “The Solutions Oriented Leader” is now a skill on Amazon ALEXA and you can click on the link below to enable regular flash briefings on leadership, employee engagement and business growth strategies.


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Dr. Rick GoodmanThe Power of The Morning Huddle Episode 19