The Number One Way to Connect with Your Team

The Number One Way to Connect with Your Team Episode 15

by Dr. Rick Goodman on June 11, 2019

Today on the Solutions Oriented Leader Podcast we are going to discuss the number one way you can connect and engage with your team!

Are you communicating and connecting with the people on your team?

Are you talking more than you’re listening

In today’s email driven world communication is sometimes a one-way conversation instead of a dialogue.

We need to have more conversations with the people on our team and create more of a dialogue to get the information that might possibly take us to the next level.

The reality is that the people doing work for us are in touch with what they’re doing on a regular basis.

Sometimes they see things that us leaders don’t generally see so we’ve got to have that dialogue, that conversation and it’s the best way to get feedback from the people on your team.

Just remember what my grandmother says we have two ears and one mouth to listen twice as much as we speak.

When you start to listen twice as much as you use too, you can start to hear twice as much as you’ve heard before and you’ll be able to take action on twice as many projects than you ever have before.

The end results double the production, success and satisfaction.

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Dr. Rick GoodmanThe Number One Way to Connect with Your Team Episode 15