The Alex Project – The Laws of Success “Accurate Thinking”

by Dr. Rick Goodman on July 12, 2012


According to author Napoleon Hill, the eleventh lesson in his proclaimed Law of Success is the most important, most interesting, and unfortunately the most difficult lesson to present to the reader. Accurate Thinking involves two paired ideas.

The first idea is separating fact from information, and the second is separating this fact into two classes. These classes are important and unimportant facts, or relevant and irrelevant facts.

Hill emphasizes the great importance of being able to make this distinction, because the accurate thinker will not believe anything he or she hears. Instead, he or she will arrive at a conclusion only after careful and thoughtful analysis.

The key to accurate thinking, according to Hill, is what he calls “creative thought”, which allows us to tap into “infinite intelligence.” The major step towards creative thought is autosuggestion, otherwise known as suggestions you make to yourself. The subconscious mind records the suggestions we send it, and invoke the aid of infinite intelligence to turn these suggestions into action.

The lesson concludes by reminding us that the subconscious mind accepts any and all suggestions, both constructive or destructive, and cautions us to be careful what we suggest. You must only suggest facts and no slander, for slander is poisonous to the subconscious mind and ruins this creative thought.



Dr. Rick GoodmanThe Alex Project – The Laws of Success “Accurate Thinking”