The Alex Project Part 1 – The “Master Mind”

by Dr. Rick Goodman on March 9, 2012

Napolean Hill begins his volume of work, Law of Success, with a lesson on what he refers to as the “Master Mind.” A “Master Mind”, according to Hill, is defined as “a mind that is developed through the harmonious co-operation of two or more people who ally themselves for the purpose of accomplishing any given task.” From this definition, it seems as though Hill’s idea is that by combining two or more minds in order to accomplish something,the result is a separate mind that contains the knowledge of all of the minds in the group. This mind would therefore be referred to as a “Master Mind”. However, it is not as simple as this. What Hill emphasizes the most, and does so repeatedly throughout the first lesson, is the word HARMONIOUS that is given in the initial definition. A “Master Mind” cannot and will not be formed unless the minds that are involved in the group work in a HARMONIOUS manor. In fact, a “Master Mind” completely disintegrates the moment that the group is joined by just one person that doesn’t have the full co-operation and harmony between all of the other minds involved. In this first lesson, Hill concludes with the idea of education and how important it truly is to a person’s future. According to Hill, “the man who can intelligently use the knowledge possessed by another is as much or more a man of education as the person who merely has the knowledge but does not know what to do with it.” There are many well-educated people in the world who know an abundance of information that they have gathered over many years. However, it is the people who take in this information from many others and put it to good use who find true success.

Dr. Rick GoodmanThe Alex Project Part 1 – The “Master Mind”