The Alex Project – Laws of Success “Concentration”

by Dr. Rick Goodman on July 20, 2012
The Alex Project - Laws of Success "Concentration"

In his twelfth lesson in Law of Success, Napoleon Hill discusses the importance of concentration in achieving great success. The lesson defines concentration as “the act of focusing the mind on a given desire until ways and means for its realization have been worked out and successfully put into operation.”

Two important laws enter into this principal, including both the Law of Autosuggestion and The Law of Habit. Hill states that habit grows out of environment, and out of doing and thinking the same things the same way, over and over again. Therefore, Hill reminds us of the importance of selecting our environment with great care. The habits that we develop can be both good and bad, but know that bad habits can always be turned into good ones. Habits are created by repetition, and the best way to break old bad habits is to replace them by forming new good ones.

Concentration is a person’s ability to keep their mind focused on one subject until they have mastered it. Also, both the ability to control your attention and the ability to throw off bad habits and attain self-mastery are also included in the definition of concentration. These abilities are helped by constantly keeping your “Definite Chief Aim” in mind. Hill concludes the lesson by stating that concentration is a characteristic obtainable by all. It is possible for anyone to develop the ability to “tune in” and understand the thoughts of others through what he refers to as “the universal mind.”

Dr. Rick GoodmanThe Alex Project – Laws of Success “Concentration”