Super Bowl 2009 A Day of Excitement a Day of Regrets

by Dr. Rick Goodman on February 2, 2009

If you’re like me. You were probably sitting in front of your TV set for most of the day watching the Super Bowl pregame show on NBC. The one piece that I found most interesting was the one that was done on wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. It was interesting to me because I had read only about the ballplayer Larry Fitzgerald not the person.

From what everyone says and what became apparent in the game is that he is truly a gifted athlete. However, what really caught my attention was the story that revolves around his mother and the fact that he hadn’t spoken to her for months leading up in until untimely death.

Larry Fitzgerald’s mom had breast cancer. This is something I truly understand since I’ve been living with it in my house for the last three years. Breast cancer can be devastating to one’s family, breaking relationships apart and killing dreams.

That’s if we let it! In our house, we decided not to let it kill our dreams, but expand what we can bring to the table.

This philosophy has helped us to educate others about the treatments available to them and the latest technology in the fight against breast cancer.

What I really learned from the Larry Fitzgerald interview last night was the importance of family and relationships and how short life can really be. Here today and gone tomorrow is a saying that I heard a lot while growing up. Unfortunately, it is a reality in his life.

So take a look at your loved ones and give them a big hug, while you have a chance because life is truly short and that was the most valuable lesson I learned on Super Bowl Sunday.

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Dr. Rick GoodmanSuper Bowl 2009 A Day of Excitement a Day of Regrets