Strategic Team Building Gets Results!

Strategic Team Building Gets Results!

by Dr. Rick Goodman on April 15, 2014


Hi I’m Dr. Rick Goodman ” The Team Building Expert ” ¬†and I’m excited to tell you about my upcoming program called 5 Keys to Successful Team Building on April 23rd.

Team building is a philosophy in which employees are viewed as members of interdependent teams instead of as individual workers.

This 90 minute program will give you the strategies, tactics, and tools to help you become a more effective leader to achieve goals beyond their wildest dreams.

You will learn the Qualities of Success and what makes an Effective Leader

Discover the Seven Blocks of Team Success and how you can avoid them

We will also cover the Process of Building a Team and the steps you can take to accelerate the process!

Plus much much more

In addition This program provides 1.5 credits from the HR Certification Institute.

So don’t miss this exciting program and go to

Dr. Rick GoodmanStrategic Team Building Gets Results!