The Seven Blocks to Team Success: Detached Leadership

by Dr. Rick Goodman on October 1, 2014

Hi this is Dr. Rick Goodman the Team Building Expert and today we are going to discuss the Seven Blocks to Team Success. 

The first block to team success is a Detached Leadership. If the leader is not involved with the team on a regular basis both communicating and connecting with individual members there often becomes a disconnect and eventually the team stops performing at a high level.

The number one thing you could do as a leader is to ask your team members if they need any help! Most likely the answer will be no, however it is the first thing that shows them that you care!

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow when we discussed the second block to team success which is a leader and team that have No Goals!

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Dr. Rick GoodmanThe Seven Blocks to Team Success: Detached Leadership