Sen. Ted Kennedy Communication Skills Expert

by Dr. Rick Goodman on September 9, 2009


Since returning from my trip to Cape Cod and Boston to visit the John F. Kennedy Library I started thinking to myself about all the different things that people were saying about Sen. Ted Kennedy.

One of the mantras that I heard over and over was that Ted Kennedy could work both sides of the aisle. Isn’t that just another word for communication?

The key to your success in business and in life is directly proportional to your ability to communicate effectively with the outside world and with yourself. These two areas of communication are essential to your long-term health and happiness and ultimate success.

Our communications with ourselves, otherwise known as self talk is vital for our positive career growth as well as having a major impact on our self-image. It was said that the mind does not know the difference between something imagined vividly and something that actually is real.

No matter what situation Sen. Ted Kennedy found himself in it was evident that his use of positive self talk and affirmations kept him going in the right direction.

As far as communication with his constituents, fellow senators and the public, Sen. Kennedy was a man who understood that communication is a two-way street and a lot of times it’s not what we say, but how others hear us. Just remember the tongue has no eraser.

Dr. Rick

Dr. Rick GoodmanSen. Ted Kennedy Communication Skills Expert

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