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How to Be Productive When You’re Always on the Road

by Dr. Rick Goodman on July 12, 2017

As a Florida motivational speaker, I know what it’s like to spend time on the road. I also know how frustrating it is to be stuck in an airport or a hotel room, wishing you could be in the office getting things done. Crucially, though, time spent on the road doesn’t necessarily have to cut into your productivity. There are ways you can keep crossing items off your to-do list, even when you’re in the middle of travel. Let me offer a few of my top suggestions.

Get Stuff Done, Even While Traveling

Be able to identify great Wi-Fi spots. There’s a site I recommend,, which will allow you to locate the best Wi-Fi spots in your immediate area—a must-have tool when you’re in an unfamiliar city.

Use your phone as a mobile hotspot. In the absence of Wi-Fi, you’ll need to be able to use your mobile device to your advantage. Make sure your data plan accommodates this!

Embrace the cloud. Dropbox, Google Drive, and other cloud-based platforms will allow you to access essential files from anywhere in the world. Make sure you’re putting the important stuff in the cloud!

Download critical documents. It’s also smart to download copies of really important files to your laptop or phone, allowing you to read them even when you’re offline.

Get a good voice call app. Google Voice and Skype can be essential ways to connect with people even when you’re away from your usual phone system—especially if you’re crossing international lines.

Organize with apps. A mobile to-do list and expense-tracking platform can be essential for staying on top of things.

Get Ready to Be Productive

Plan things right and you can be all set to get things accomplished from anywhere and everywhere. I hope these tips provide you with a good starting place.

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Dr. Rick GoodmanHow to Be Productive When You’re Always on the Road