Striving For Excellence


Striving For Excellence explains how to use forgiveness and gratitude to attract riches beyond your wildest dreams

Dr. Rick Goodman’s motivational program explores the personal and professional triads that contribute to excellence. Dr. Rick’s down-to-earth, content-packed program can be applied to all areas of your life with outstanding results. Let Dr. Rick demonstrate how Faith, Forgiveness and Gratitude can attract you riches beyond your wildest dreams.

Dr. Rick also shares with us the professional triads of Love, Appreciation and Respect, and how you can implement them immediately in order to reach all your goals and add balance to your life.

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What We Do and the People We Touch


Let’s face it: At the end of the day, we all want to be remembered. We all hope to leave a legacy behind. The question we have to ask is, what will that legacy be? Will it involve leading a team? Generating money? Making a tangible difference in people’s lives? All of the above?

Most of us hope that our legacy includes other people—that we touch others in some form or fashion. That desire is especially acute among healthcare providers, who do what they do precisely because they want to improve lives.

In this Striving For Excellence program, employee engagement speaker Dr. Rick Goodman provides some concrete ways in which healthcare providers can maintain that big-picture view. Learn more about Dr. Goodman’s Striving For Excellence training, and about the difference it could make for your healthcare organization.

Make a Difference with Dr. Rick Goodman’s Striving for Excellence 


When healthcare providers strive for excellence, their own personal issues become less important and something magical suddenly happens. They find that they have the ability to truly touch someone else’s life—to truly make a difference.

And that’s really what a healthcare provider is—someone who contributes to the health and welfare of other people. To be more concise, it includes everyone from the doctors to the volunteers in a facility. Whether the facility is a hospital, surgical center, or private practice, healthcare providers create the link between the system and their patients’ lives.

Providers must keep up with many challenges and changes, including those brought about by legislation, the swell of patients who are uninsured or underinsured, and staffs that are working longer hours than ever before juggling multiple responsibilities. Patients are demanding more as well—making it increasingly challenging for healthcare providers to find balance in their lives.

In order to strive for excellence and achieve personal balance, Dr. Goodman believes a few simple rules must be followed. After all, there are certain needs that are common to patients and providers alike. They all want Love, Appreciation and Respect.  They need this like the food they eat, the air they breathe, and the water that they drink.

But how do these values come into play within healthcare? Patients truly appreciate the administrators that help them with their insurance issues. They are also eternally grateful to the doctor who performs masterfully under all circumstances. A kind word from the front desk receptionist who is juggling multiple responsibilities can also have a positive effect on the outcome of a patient.

Additionally, providers need to practice Gratitude. They should be grateful that they have chosen a profession that allows them to touch people’s lives on a regular basis and contribute to enhancing the lives of others.

All of these issues are critical to Dr. Goodman’s – Striving For Excellence program, which challenges healthcare providers to turn within for the balance, success, and meaning that they seek.

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