Prescription for Success in the Healthcare Industry

by Dr. Rick Goodman on August 16, 2012

Sometimes it takes a personal experience to bring what should be an obvious problem into focus. For Rick Goodman, that came as he evaluated his wife’s experience navigating the complex world of cancer treatment and helping him develop a better understanding of how the people that surrounded her care made a difference in helping her get better.

In the video, “Prescription for Success in the Healthcare Industry, Dr. Rick focuses on the human side of healthcare and discusses how he challenges healthcare organizations to inspire and train their people. He strives to help leaders in healthcare organizations recognize that everyone in the organization, not just the clinical professionals, can contribute to the positive outcome of their patients.

According to Dr. Rick, all healthcare professionals “have the power to help the patient or the power to make the patient feel helpless”. Dr. Rick brings focused training programs targeted at the healthcare industry that help organizations create a strong patient-focused culture.

Dr. Rick GoodmanPrescription for Success in the Healthcare Industry