What is a Resilient Leader – Episode 13

What is a Resilient Leader   What is a resilient leader? Many times, I’m asked what some of the most important traits are that a leader can possess? My first answer is always persistence and resiliency! A person who is resilient maintains a positive attitude and is always looking for opportunities even when business is

Seven Traits of a Resilient Leader – Episode 12

The Seven Traits of a Resilient Leader Many studies have indicated the importance of resilience is both an individual and leadership trait. On today’s solutions-oriented leader podcast you will discover the seven traits of a resilient leader. A resilient leader is a person who sees failure as temporary setbacks and they believe they can recover

Building Your Team with Remote Employees – Episode 11

Building Your Team with Remote Employees I believe that if you are going to have remote employees you must bring them together for a team building exercise at minimum once a year. When done right, these activities can improve communication, foster cohesion, and bolster morale. It’s a lot harder to include employees in your group

5 Tips To Make Your Day More Productive Episode 10

5 Tips for Making Your Day More Productive   I’ve talked before about the importance of having the right morning routine—It’s not enough to have a to-do list these days. What we really need to do is think about when you’re going to do things according to highest and best use of our time  

Why Leaders Fail – Episode 9

Hi this is Dr. Rick Goodman international leadership expert, keynote speaker and author of the Amazon Kindle best-selling book The Solutions Oriented Leader in this episode of the Solutions Oriented Leader Podcast our topic is “Why Leaders Fail” There are many reasons why leaders fail, however in this episode I’m going to examine four of

What We Get Wrong About Corporate Culture Episode – 8

There are many things that we get wrong about company culture. Today I am going to share and dispel four myths that are frequently discussed by the business community around the world so that you can be aware of them and develop your own solutions and results! Check out this episode!

How to Fix and Improve Your Company Culture- Episode 7

I’ve written so many times about the importance of company culture and in fact many of my keynote speeches recently are focused on that general theme also on how it can be a tool for your recruiting how it helps with engagement and how it improves performance and gives your company and your team the

The Solutions Oriented Leader Podcast – Episode 6 – MISL Great Daryl Doran

Dr. Rick Goodman International leadership expert and author of the book The Solutions Oriented Leader, sits down to have a conversation with MISL great and St. Louis Sports Hall of Fame member Daryl Doran. Daryl Doran (born March 29, 1963) is a U.S. indoor soccer player. His 827 games are the most of any player in American professional

7 Ways To Grow Your Leadership Skills – Episode 5 – Dr. Rick Goodman

Hi this is Dr. Rick Goodman and welcome to another episode to solutions oriented leader podcast today I’m going to share with you seven ways that you can grow your leadership skills right now to achieve world-class results. Sometimes I am asked by new leaders and  people that are just getting opportunities to grow especially

Tiger Woods Comes Alive The Making of a Champion – Episode 4

Welcome to a special edition of the Solutions Oriented Leader podcast “Tiger Woods Comes Alive; The Making of A Champion.   Tiger Woods won his first major tournament in nearly 11 years. Today was also the first time he won the Masters since 1997 almost 22 years later It was just two years ago when