Team Building Training For Managers by Dr. Rick Goodman

How to Develop the Team Building Skills Necessary to Success

team building excellence training program

Team Building Excellence Seminar


This seminar covers the essentials of team building for the executive team to be a success. Learn how to develop the skills necessary to become both a successful team member and an interactive team leader—and discover innovative ways to make your executive team more productive!

This practical and useful course is designed for participants to learn the knowledge and skills required to build productive teams. There is special emphasis placed on the differences between the executive teams and teams at other levels in the organization.

The team building model used in this seminar focuses on successful team components and the skills necessary to function effectively as a team. Participants will learn the concrete steps to implement teams in their organization. Participants will actually go through the experience of building and functioning in their own teams during this seminar. By the conclusion of the seminar, the participants will complete a plan to implement teams in their organization.

How You Will Benefit

  • Identify the benefits and characteristics of an effective executive team
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current team
  • Develop group communication and problem-solving skills that will boost team productivity
  • Analyze your own effectiveness as a team member
  • Gain proven methods for achieving better working relationships among team members

Learning Objective

At the conclusion of this seminar, each participant will be able to: 

  • Identify the key issues that affect executive teams
  • Resolve non-team behaviours that occur in executive teams
  • Understand the team life cycle
  • Differentiate between group process, task, and maintenance functions
  • Define group roles as executives
  • Set productive goals for your executive team
  • Apply problem-solving and decision-making techniques
  • Resolve conflict in a team environment
  • Identify the success factors for executive teams
  • Use a systematic approach to create executive team effectiveness
  • Create a team name and logo
  • Write a team mission statement
  • Establish team ground rules with 100% team buy-in
  • Analyze team performance and measure team effectiveness


The program will cover the stages of team development from identifying the need for a team through the often neglected guidelines for disbanding a team when it is no longer effective.

Topics covered in the program will include:

  • Executive team issues and how to resolve them
  • The Team Life Cycle
  • Group process – both task and maintenance functions
  • Team roles
  • Communication skills
  • Goal setting, problem solving, and decision-making techniques
  • Team conflict resolution
  • Agenda


  • Basics of team building

1. Getting Started on Team Building – What is it?

  • Define a team
  • Define team building
  • Adopt a model for team building
  • Defining what makes executive teams different from other teams
  • Identify the obstacles to executive team building
  • Recognize team player styles
  • Creating solutions to effectively deal with executive team issues

2. Team Life Cycles and Communication Patterns – When?

  • Define the difference between process and task in teams
  • Recognize the stages of team development as they occur within the team
  • Perform an analysis of team communication patterns
  • Critique team communication patterns

3. Team Player Styles – Who?

  • Team Player Styles
  • What is my style?
  • How can I make the most of other styles?

4. Team Creation – How?

  • Identify the success factors for effective executive teams
  • Complete and analyze a team building assessment instrument
  • Create a team name, logo, and mission statement
  • Discuss and write out ground rules for the team
  • Create performance measures and objectives for the executive team
  • Identify and list the characteristics of an effective team

5. Action Plans – Back Home Application

  • Create a personal plan to improve your level of empowerment
  • Evaluate your learning experiences

Who Should Attend

  • Managers and Supervisors
  • HR Personnel
  • Help Desk
  • Staff
  • Front-line Staff
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Sales
  • Personnel
  • Customer Service Personnel
  • IT Professionals
  • Team Leaders
  • Front Desk Personnel
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