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What NOT to Do When Choosing a Conference Speaker

by Dr. Rick Goodman on February 27, 2017

What’s the most crucial factor in determining the ultimate failure or success of your next conference or seminar? It’s not the venue and it’s not even the food, though both of those things certainly matter. No, what really makes or breaks it is the choice you make for conference speaker.

At the end of the day, your speaker will offer up a memorable presentation with real, value-adding takeaways for your conference participants—or, not. The difference is all the difference, so when choosing your speaker, it’s important to take great care.

That includes avoiding a few common errors. Let me show you what I mean. Here are a few things not to do when picking a speaker for your conference.

Choosing a Speaker Without Considering Your Theme

Your conference should have an overarching concept behind it, and that’s ultimately the thing that will pique people’s interest in coming. It is imperative that your speaker be chosen with this theme in mind. Pick someone who can speak authoritatively on the theme you have chosen.

Choosing a Speaker Without Thinking About Timeframe

When will your speaker actually give the big presentation? Usually, it’s best to have the main speaker deliver remarks at the beginning and/or the end, to really capture that theme and frame the rest of the conference around it. You may also be interested in some breakout sessions or smaller presentations from the speaker—but you’ll want to consider that in advance.

Choosing a Speaker Without Considering Personality

Some speakers are known for being humorous; others, inspirational; others, straightforward and data-driven. Which type is right for your conference and your audience? That’s an important point to consider.

Choosing a Speaker Without Seeing Him/ Her Speak

It’s totally within your rights to request video clips before you hire somebody, and to really know what you’re getting into. No reputable speaker will deny this request.

Choosing a Speaker Without Considering Your Budget

Cost matters, and speaker fees can sometimes be deal breakers. It’s best to know that up front.

When considering a conference speaker, it’s important to do it right—and that means not doing it wrong.

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