Motivating Employees Through the Holiday Season

Motivating Employees Through the Holiday Season

by Dr. Rick Goodman on November 15, 2017

The holiday season always brings joy and cheer—but for employers, it can also bring headaches. Simply put, in a season prone to busyness and crowded with distractions, it can be difficult keeping your team focused and your employees motivated.

Difficult, but by no means impossible. Here are some brief principles that I’ve found to be successful in my time as an executive coach and leadership speaker.

Keeping Employees Motivated During the Holidays

Create opportunities for fun. Yes, the holiday season is full of glitter and bright colors—but remember that the winter months can also take a very real toll on emotional health. Cutting through the doldrums can help keep your team engaged. Allotting even a small budget for weekly or twice-monthly social events—something as simple as a lunch (catered or potluck) or a movie screened in your conference room—can really go a long way. Even knocking off an hour early to enjoy some Christmas cookies and small talk together might make a difference.

Maintain goals. Set a short-term goal—something you’d like your team to achieve together between now and Christmas. Track progress. Be transparent. Make sure everyone is aware of the objective and works together to make it happen. Something as simple as goal-setting can provide structure in an otherwise cluttered season.

Challenge your employees. Boredom is the enemy of engagement, so if you find that the holiday season is a slow one at your place of business, create some new challenges for your employees. Even educational opportunities, which challenge them to learn new things, can be powerful.

The bottom line: Motivating your employees may require some creative thinking, but it’s very much an achievable goal—even during the most hectic time of the year.

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Dr. Rick GoodmanMotivating Employees Through the Holiday Season