I am a healthy, vital, active, happy and successful

Human being.

I affirm today that all tissues and organs in my body are functioning perfectly and that is the way

It’s supposed to be.

I am more relaxed than ever because I choose peaceful loving thoughts and release my fears,

Worries and anxieties.

Tension is gone because I am creating an atmosphere of ease and confidence.

My mind is uncluttered because I have set specific goals and planned action steps for their


I feel better now.

Nature uses the food that I eat and the air that I breathe,

The water that I drink, and the rest that I get to rebuild, repair, and revitalize me for the future.

Radiant energy flows through me.

I also affirm today that money is plentiful and in abundant supply.

This money flows freely and constantly into my life

As I render loving service to all mankind.

adminMorning Affirmation