Lost and Found: A True Story!

by Dr. Rick Goodman on April 22, 2015

IMG_1989I want to tell you a quick story, something that really happened to me just a few days ago, and I want you to feel free to draw your own conclusions from it. For me, this is a story about the amazing intersection of great technology from one company, and great customer service from another. Your mileage, of course, may vary.

The story begins with the National Speakers Association and its recent Social Media Convention, which I was delighted to attend. Or, to be more accurate, the story begins as I was returning home from the conference, flying American Airlines back to my home in Florida. I had a great IMG_1990flight but, like a dunce, inadvertently left my iPad on the plane, and didn’t realize it until I was back home.

So I called American Airlines and asked them if they could check the plane; of course the plane was already en route to its next destination, Chicago, so they couldn’t confirm anything right away. While I waited, I turned on the “Find My iPad” feature on my device—and let me just say that this particular Apple innovation is superlative. I was able to watch my device make its IMG_1992way through the skies to Chicago, and I received continual messages on my phone and my laptop, keeping me abreast of its progress.

Once I saw that my iPad (and thus the plane it was on) had touched down in Chicago, I called the Lost and Found department. It took a little time but the American Airlines crew was able to find it. They wrapped it up for me, snug and secure, and sent it to my home via FedEx.

Mind you, I still had Find My iPad turned on, so I was literally able to monitor my device’s progress through the mall, past Aunt Annie’s pretzel place, into the FedEx truck, and all the way down to Florida. When it arrived at my doorstep, it was a tightly wrapped little box with my iPad totally secure amidst American Airlines wrapping and packaging materials.

Again, you can draw your own conclusions from all of this. To close, I’ll leave you with three questions. One, how great is Apple? Two, how great is American Airlines? And three, how do I get Frequent Flier miles for my iPad?IMG_1979

Dr. Rick GoodmanLost and Found: A True Story!

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