Transformational Leadership

Innovative Solutions for Engaging and Managing the Workforce

What is Transformational Leadership?


The transformational leadership theory was first developed by presidential biographer James McGregor Burns. The transformational leadership theory is largely based on the ability of the leader’s personality and their ability to make a change through example.

Transformational leaders provide the vision and tools to their team to help support them to accomplish their goals and objectives. The four components that make up the transformational theory of what a transformational leader should be are: Transformational Leadership qualities

  • Individualized Influence
  • Inspirational Motivation
  • Individualized Consideration
  • Intellectual Stimulation

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Today’s C-Suite executives and busy professionals are faced with a multitude of challenges, which include keeping up with trends in the workplace, prioritizing those trends, and developing a strategy to respond in an effective way that benefits the organization, engaging team members, growing the business and maximizing profits in the process.

As the leader of your company, you’re doubtless aware of these challenges; you face them each day. The question is, how can you navigate them as effectively and as efficiently as possible? The answer may require a total paradigm shift in the way you think about leadership—shifting to a transformational leadership approach.

But what is transformational leadership, exactly? It’s all about being an agent of positive change within your organization. Transformational leaders work with employees to identify challenges and opportunities; they set a vision for meeting these challenges and opportunities head-on; they inspire real engagement and creativity among their employees; and they get the buy-in of their team members, truly leading rather than merely dictating.

Transformational Leadership Keynote Presentation:


Innovative Solutions for Engaging and Managing the Workforce

In this energizing and value-adding program, you will learn how to engage and connect with your team by Transformational Leaderbecoming a transformational leader. You will discover innovative tools and techniques and the processes that transformational leaders use to inspire, empower, and motivate employees to exceed normal levels of performance.

Attendees will learn how to transform their thinking, optimize their assets, and accelerate their connectivity with these transformational leadership tools, and they’ll be fully prepared to implement them immediately! The results will include improved employee retention, increased employee engagement, accelerated productivity, and a happier work environment.

The bottom line: Many executives and business owners are taught the skills they need to manage, but they’re not necessarily shown what it means to inspire, to motivate, and to transform. That’s the path of transformational leadership, and while it requires a paradigm shift, the results can be extraordinary! It’s no exaggeration to say that this approach to leadership can change the way you engage with your team, and ultimately make your business more productive and successful.

Top Three Takeaways from Dr. Rick’s Transformational Leadership Keynote Presentation


Dr. Rick’s keynote addresses are always engaging and interactive, but the real focus is on actionable insight; as you leave the presentation, you’ll be armed with a whole new set of tools to lead your team more effectively.

Among the takeaways you can expect from Dr. Rick’s transformational leadership keynote presentation, here are three of the main ones: DrRick-Transformational Leader

  1. You’ll discover how leaders can use transformational leadership processes to empower and motivate employees to surpass normal levels of performance and productivity.
  2. You’ll learn specific techniques and transformational leadership tools that will help you create innovative solutions in both your organization and your life.
  3. You will walk away with strategies, tools, and processes that will help you engage and connect with a dynamic and ever-changing workforce, producing amazing results.

Start Your Road to Transformational Leadership Today


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