Leadership in Action - ''Creating Your Vision for the Future''

Success Keynote Presentation by Dr. Rick Goodman

 A True Leader - Dr. Rick GoodmanLeaders motivate and inspire – they relentlessly create the vision and set strategies for action. In short, they bring about real transformation within their teams, providing employees with the structure and the encouragement they need to achieve at the highest level.

In other words, their ultimate gift is not to attract followers, but to develop other leaders—creating agents of positive change and transformational vision throughout the whole organization.

You can be that kind of leader, motivating and inspiring those around you—and Dr. Rick Goodman can show you how. His leadership in action keynote, called Creating Your Vision for the Future, brings a powerful message that will give your entire team a vision of active, inspirational, transformational leadership.


Engage in Dr. Rick Goodman’s “Leadership in Action” Keynote

The world’s greatest leaders consistently maintain the three foundations of dynamic leadership: “ACT,” which stands for “Attitude,” “Commitment,” and “Training.”

Through a fun and engaging keynote address, Dr. Rick Goodman will provide some real-life leadership stories to illustrate how these three principles work—and in the process, he’ll provide some concrete ways in which you can become a more inspiring leader and create more leaders throughout your organization.

This leadership in action keynote is roughly 90 minutes long—not counting time for audience questions and answers. It comes with three main learning objectives:

  • Participants will learn how they can use transformational leadership tools to communicate their vision and participate as a contributing partner in the organization’s strategic planning process.
  • They will also learn specific techniques that will help them develop and utilize key performance indicators to help measure achievement of their organization’s strategic goals and objectives.
  • Following the keynote, participants will be able to develop and execute business plans that correlate with the organization’s strategic initiative.


Learn the Secrets of Transformational Leadership from Dr. Rick Goodman

Great leadership always begins with a vision—and no one knows that better than Dr. Rick Goodman. An in-demand speaker and educator, Dr. Rick has delivered his leadership in action keynote address to businesses throughout Florida, the United States, and the whole world.
A Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Dr. Rick regularly presents on topics related to leadership in action, as well as team-building and employee engagement. His clients range from small business start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises.

He’s written the book on transforming teams—and his strategies for visionary leadership can be yours. Learn more about booking Dr. Rick, a top transformational and motivational keynote speaker in Florida, by reaching out to him directly.

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