Its time to bounce back and take control of your life

Its Time to Bounce Back and Get in the Game!

by Dr. Rick Goodman on June 1, 2020

Hi, Dr. Rick Goodman here and it’s Monday, it’s time for some motivation and today I’d like to discuss you bouncing back. That’s right, it’s time for you to bounce back and get in the game again. This is the best time to recreate and reinvent your life!

The other day I was in my backyard and in the good mangroves.

We’ve got a lot of coconut trees and those coconut trees were filled to the top.

In fact, one or two of them were bending over completely. So, we called up the person that comes over and climbs up the tree and he cut down those coconuts and let them down with a pulley.


And about two hours later, those coconut trees were standing completely tall and strong. They were completely erect when they were bent over before


Well, a lot of us get stressed out. We feel like we’re being bent over we feel like we’re going to snap and we’re not going to make it happen. But you know what, you are just like that coconut tree you have that inner strength that you can bounce back also.


Sometimes it’s just relieving stress by going out and exercising or meditating or being quiet but understand that you were built to succeed.


You were built to win. Just like standing tall like those strong coconut trees in my backyard. You will bounce back; you will be tall you are very strong.



You’ve got to start focusing and putting your game plan together, focusing on the solutions. Anybody can point out the problem. It’s your time to bounce back and get in the game!

But it’s only solutions-oriented leaders that stay focused on the solutions, remember when that horses in a race they put blinders on that horse, so it stays focused on the finish line.


My goal and my wish for you is that you stay focused on the finish line also that you stay strong like the coconut trees and today starts the beginning of your bounce back


Go out there. Make it happen. And let me know what you’re doing to bounce back today is Dr. Rick Goodman from the solutions-oriented leader, saying, go out there and make it happen.



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Dr. Rick GoodmanIts Time to Bounce Back and Get in the Game!

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