How to Use Conflict to Make a Connection Episode 14

How to Use Conflict to Make a Connection -Episode 14

by Dr. Rick Goodman on May 24, 2019

How to Use Conflict to Make a Connection!

Many times, leaders would rather avoid conflict than to confront it. As I said before I believe that conflict can be good and can even help us to make a connection with our team. On this episode of the solutions oriented leader podcast we are going to discuss how we can take conflict and use it to make a connection by taking a number of steps.


It’s always important to start with a self-assessment and look in the mirror to decide what type of personality do you have and what is the best way that people can communicate with you. Once you have this figured out you need to communicate that to your employees.


It’s also important to be mindful of your habits and communicate them to your teammates and family and remember that people think and buy from emotion. So, if you truly want to connect with people even when you’re involved in the conflict you have to think about your emotions and also their emotions.


When a transformational leader begins to confront conflict, they will soon start to see conflict dissipate and engagement in connection begin.


Check out this episode to find out more how you can use conflict to make a connection.


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Check out this episode!

Dr. Rick GoodmanHow to Use Conflict to Make a Connection -Episode 14