How to Become an Effective Team Leader Episode 22

How to Become an Effective Team Leader Episode 22

by podcast on August 14, 2019

As an executive coach and consultant, I’m constantly asked by new team leaders and veteran team leaders about what they can do to become more effective. In this episode of the Solutions Oriented Leader Podcast I am going to share with you seven key steps you can take to become a more effective leader right away!


The best transformational leaders I know provide vision and motivation to their teams. They are certainly not perfect leaders however; they focus on constant improvement. There are seven key steps that you can take to become a more effective leader right away whether you were just beginning on your journey to become a more effective leader or are already a veteran leader who is looking to improve their skills.


  1. Understand your own leadership style by undergoing a self-assessment. It’s important to know the style of leadership that you use, whether your introvert or extrovert or someone who likes to delegate versus someone whose a micromanager. If you’re not sure asking friend and tell them to be honest!


  1. The best transformational leaders make time in their schedule to lead. I like to take what I call a walkabout in the morning and greet each and every team member to see if they need any help. Most of the time the answer is no, however I wanted to know that I have their back and that I’m interested in what they’re doing.


  1. You must have a good understanding of your people exclamation point! Transformational leaders take the time to engage with each member of their team really getting to know them. It’s important to another strengths and weaknesses so that you could focus them on their highest and best use within the team structure.


  1. The best team leaders know how to communicate effectively. It is critical that you’re intentional and the way you communicate. ( ) Make sure you set expectations and let your team know when is the best time to communicate with you so that you could be one-on-one focused with that member of the team
  2. Transformational leaders are always setting the example for others. “Your team goes where you go” as I always say! They will be constantly looking at your every move so you need to set the example if you want them to follow.


  1. The most effective team leaders know the importance of delegation. Many times we have people on our team that can do a better job than we can. After all when the team does well the team leader looks the best. It’s important to build trust and your team, after all if you can’t trust your team members they shouldn’t be on your team.


  1. The best leaders make rapid decisions! After all you got a 50-50 shot if you get it wrong and make a new decision. As I say the baseball players that are in the Hall of Fame struck out 70% of the time. If you have a 300-lifetime batting average you’re most likely in the baseball Hall of Fame. However, if you don’t get up to the plate and take a swing you have no chance of getting a hit.


If you can implement these seven key steps right away you will already be in the process of becoming a more effective team leader!

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