Heineken And Burns House Companies, What a Fantastic Experience!

by Dr. Rick Goodman on September 5, 2008

I just got back from a fabulous experience down in the Bahamas working with Heineken http://www.heineken.com/ and the Burns House Companies the number one distributor in the Bahamas!

The topic was change management and is as anybody knows changes isn’t always easy. However this enthusiastic group of managers, supervisors and team leaders took on the task and I know they’re going to achieve outstanding results!

This is the third time I’ve had an opportunity to work with Heineken and I have to say that whether I’m speaking in St. Lucia, Puerto Rico, or the Bahamas every person I’ve met in this organization is first rate. That’s not easy to say in this day and age so it must be reflection on the people and the product.

Each morning, I delivered a keynote speech on leadership called Striving for Excellence to their salesforce and marketing executives. I was received enthusiastically and afterwards signed hundreds of copies of my new book Living a Championship Life A Game Plan for Success. Today I’m thinking about my friends down there in the Bahamas, who are about to experience hurricane Ike.

I know with their positive attitude and strength of leadership they will not only withstand the winds of Ike, but also the winds of change!


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Dr. Rick GoodmanHeineken And Burns House Companies, What a Fantastic Experience!