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No matter how successful your company is, there are always opportunities to improve—to build a more cohesive team, to refine leadership skills throughout the organization, and to significantly boost your productivity. Often, an outsider’s expertise is most helpful in identifying these areas of improvement. That’s exactly what Dr. Rick Goodman offers in his focused fun consulting services.


Dr. Rick Goodman and his team will develop a customized consulting plan to meet your needs. We provide executive coaching and team assessments, in addition to organizational assessments, strategic planning and leadership development training that will give your company the edge in today’s competitive world.

Executive Coaching

Transformational leadership, with its emphasis on vision and employee empowerment, is rapidly being accepted as a leadership model of excellence among today’s more progressive companies. Some leaders may be gifted with a high level of technical expertise, but may be challenged in some aspect of their working relationship with employees or their team.

Our goal is to help the executive to identify their strengths as a leader and to develop a plan of action to maximize those strengths, which will create opportunities for them to be more successful and effective as a leader. The focus is always on being a positive agent of change in your company—not a dictator, but a true motivator.

Teamwork Presentation with Dr. Rick

Executive Team Development

This program has been designed to focus on building high performing teams through transformational leadership and empowerment. The goal is to create an environment in which participants can hone their skills, while staying focused on the mission and goals of the organization, in addition to grooming future leaders. In short, we can help you create the framework you need to give your employees true unity of purpose and of vision. This works in tandem with Dr. Rick’s focused fun coaching program!


Strategic Planning

It was once said, “failing to plan is like planning to fail.” In today’s world, your strategic plan is paramount to your company and your personal success. Our focused fun strategic planning program is designed to provide organizations with the necessary tools and ideas that will turn their goals into reality.

Our focus is to help you develop a plan that will meet your unique goals and objectives. We will interview your management team, employees, and board members, if necessary, to get a thorough understanding of your organization and the goals and expectations for your meeting/retreat prior to the event. This helps us avoid the less effective cookie-cutter approach, and devise solutions that are tailored to the needs of your business.


Organizational Assessments

It has been our experience that organizational assessments are critical tools for identifying the strengths of the enterprise, as well as giving us a starting point for improvement. We start our process by conducting a variety of computerized assessments with the management team and with employees in the organization to understand personality styles.

We also conduct one-on-one interviews with members of the management team and employees, in addition to hosting mastermind group sessions. This provides us with an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing the organization, while engaging the workforce and developing solutions for success. Through these assessments, we’ll come to know what really makes your company tick—and offer you insights that might surprise you!


Learn More About Dr. Rick Goodman’s Focused Fun Consulting

As an in-demand transformational leadership speaker and executive coach, Dr. Rick Goodman is a preeminent expert in team building, productivity, and employee motivation. With his insight and his engaging, hands-on approach, Dr. Rick and his team can transform your company and help you achieve your best results ever.

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