Focused Fun Executive Consulting Services

Our ultimate goal in life is to be successful, to make a difference, and to contribute to others’ lives, all while having fun and enjoying the journey. That’s why we developed the Focused Fun Executive Coaching and Consulting Program.

There’s no better way to develop your skills as a leader and an executive, in a way that’s both engaging and genuinely enjoyable.

The Focused Fun Coaching and Consulting Services were developed in part by Dr. Rick Goodman, an internationally in-demand speaker and teacher.

Dr. Rick is an expert in the fields of leadership, team building, employee engagement, and communication mastery, and he’s proud to offer coaching services tailored to his clients’ needs.

What We Do

We work with executives and organizations teaching them how to have focused fun while achieving their personal and professional mission, purpose, and goals. We provide organizations and businesses with transformational leadership tools that will increase employee productivity, enhance employee engagement, improve employee retention, and develop other leaders.

Our coaching and consulting services always start with the client’s goals, and then we take a top-down approach from there; in other words, everything we do is customized to fit the client’s needs and objectives.

Why We Do It

We believe the best way to impact our clients is to focus on transformational leadership strategies and continuous improvement while making it fun! When the focus and direction are clear, employee engagement increases exponentially, and the potential of the organization and the people involved has no limit.

How We Do It

Through executive coaching and organizational assessments, we develop a comprehensive strategy and employee development plan to help your company reach their potential and exceed their current targeted level of success. Everything we do is based on proven systems for employee motivation and organizational success.

Focused Fun Executive Coaching

Every championship sports team and each successful business has a seasoned coach to help them navigate through blind spots, while developing an effective strategy leading to success.

Focused Fun Consulting Services

Dr. Rick Goodman and his team will develop a customized consulting plan to meet your needs. We provide executive and team assessments, organizational assessments, and more.

What is the Program All About?

Simply put, our programs are here to offer an enjoyable way to turn your team into champions—starting with a complete transformation of your leadership style. Focused Fun Coaching and Consulting Services are meant to deliver a whole new way of achieving personal and professional goals.

Who is the Program For?

Our Focused Fun Coaching and Consulting Services are for everyone—organizational leaders all the way down individual team members. There’s no company that can’t benefit from a more focused, intentional, and fun approach to the challenges they face.

Engage Focused Fun Coaching and Consulting Services Today

As an in-demand speaker and keynote presenter, Dr. Rick Goodman has traveled the world and lent his expertise to countless companies, both domestically and internationally—ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 brands. In the process, he has become one of the most public proponents of transformational leadership, and a true expert in effective coaching and team building.

Through his Focused Fun Coaching and Consulting Services, you can get hands-on time with some of Dr. Rick’s most valuable and paradigm-shifting systems. Learn more about the program now. Contact Dr. Rick Goodman and learn how you can get focused fun coaching at your business.

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