How to Encourage Your Employees (Without Being Corny)

How to Encourage Your Employees (Without Being Corny)

by Dr. Rick Goodman on July 24, 2017

All of us need a little encouragement from time to time—and as a team leader, one of the most impactful things you can do is provide your employees with a pat on the back every now and again.

To clarify: Encouragement is not the same thing as praise. Praise comes when your employees achieve success. Encouragement is offered on the basis of effort or improvement—and it can actually motivate your employees to gain success.

So how can you provide encouragement to your team members as they try, as they hustle, as they strive to do better and better jobs? I’ve got a few tried and true tactics, all of them very effective and not at all over-the-top or corny!

The Best Ways to Encourage Your Team Members

Offer to help. Pay attention to cues that a team member may be getting frustrated or discouraged—body language and facial expressions will usually give it away. When you observe this, simply ask if they need help. That question shows that you’ve got their back—and even if there’s nothing you can really do for them in that moment, it can be encouraging for your employees to remember that they are not alone.

Take time for coaching. When an employee is stuck in a discouraging place, sit down with them and ask them to walk you through their thought process thus far. Unpacking the choices they’ve made along the way can often reveal a way forward.

Recognize little victories. You don’t have to wait for major milestones to acknowledge an employee’s hard work. Often, showing that you notice the little things can be just as meaningful.

Say thanks. It takes so little effort just to thank your employees for their hard work at the end of each day—yet that little effort can often make a big, encouraging impact.

Allow your employees a chance to stretch. You don’t necessarily want to give them more responsibility than they can handle, but you can gradually push them to take on just a little bit more—showing them that you truly do have confidence in their abilities.

These are all meaningful ways to let your employees know you believe in them—and to goad them on toward greater success!

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Dr. Rick GoodmanHow to Encourage Your Employees (Without Being Corny)