Dr. Rick Goodman’s Keynote Speech on Leadership to Legacy at #gss2018 Elias Kanaris Testimonial

by Dr. Rick Goodman on March 19, 2018

Hey, Elias Kanaris here from Auckland New Zealand and I have just been with Rick Goodman.

My goodness me this man knows how to grab an audience he knows how to take a message to take you all the way up and get you back down low and then leave you with a massive high!

It must be one of the best keynotes I have seen for a long time and boy if you want to talk about a leader to legacy this is a man with the message about legacy and how you and your voice can impact people for generations to come.

Rick Goodman thanks for blessing us!

Be blessed as you bless others bye for now.

A motivational keynote speaker and executive business coach, Dr. Rick Goodman is internationally recognized as a team building, leadership, and business growth expert. He is based in Florida, but delivers transformational leadership presentations throughout the United States and internationally.

His mission is to provide solutions to people and organizations who want to lead, engage, and grow their business—helping them do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. In each team building training session or keynote address that he leads, Dr. Rick focuses on valuable information that leads directly to business growth. Dr. Rick Goodman regularly lectures at colleges and universities across the United States and his funny and content driven programs are a favorite amongst his audiences.

His expertise in team leadership skills make him a sought-after speaker and educator, and as such he has delivered speeches, presentations, and leadership solutions to clients such as the US Army, AT&T, Boeing, Heineken, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Cavium Networks, American Cancer Society, American Red Cross, and Franklin Templeton Investments, among many others.

Dr. Rick is also a published author, his book “Living A Championship Life A Game Plan for Success” received critical acclaim and he co-wrote the book “Jamie’s Journey: Travels with My Dad,” which was featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, and “The Today Show”.

And, as a certified speaking professional (CSP) from the National Speaker Association (NSA), he regularly provides confrontation management training, team leadership skills, and more. A lively, engaging, and data-backed approach makes him a top business speaker in Miami’s business community, and a leading motivational speaker throughout the State of Florida. He is also an accomplished international speaker.

Dr. Rick GoodmanDr. Rick Goodman’s Keynote Speech on Leadership to Legacy at #gss2018 Elias Kanaris Testimonial

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