Culture of Constant Improvement?

Do You Have a Culture of Constant Improvement?

by Dr. Rick Goodman on July 3, 2017

Nobody’s perfect. We’ve all heard that old saying, and of course it’s true. But it also comes with an important implication: There is always an opportunity for us to get better. People can grow and improve every day. So can companies—but for that to happen, the company must have a culture that lends itself to continual learning, evolution, and betterment.

Do you have that kind of culture at your company? Let me lay out some of the hallmarks that you should pursue—some of the indicators that your company culture promotes ongoing learning and improvement.

Signs That Your Company is Built for Constant Improvement


A culture of constant improvement will usually have these hallmarks in place:

No one at the company assumes they have all the answers. Everything you think you know about your industry or customer base could be turned on its head tomorrow, and you’re always ready to pivot, to dialogue with your customers, and to respond to changes. This attitude starts with leaders and works its way down!

Failure is accepted within your culture. People won’t grow or try to improve if they feel like they’re going to be penalized for every error they make. Make sure your culture leaves some wiggle room for noble failures—for trying new things even if they don’t quite work out.

Your employees are comfortable taking initiative. Basically: Don’t micromanage! Give your employees the freedom to take initiative and to be creative. Let them develop their skills; if you don’t trust them to do this, you’ve hired the wrong people.

Focus on decisions. Don’t have a culture where you talk everything to death. At each meeting, make sure there is some action taken or decision made—even if it’s a small one. You want to keep momentum going.

Foster collaboration. Don’t just suggest that your people work together. Specifically assign inter-team, cross-department collaboration. Allow iron to sharpen iron!

Set Yourself Up to Get Better


You don’t want to stay the way you are forever—and you don’t want your company to fall into a rut, either. Practice constant improvement. These tips are a start.

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Dr. Rick GoodmanDo You Have a Culture of Constant Improvement?