Conflict Management Webinar

Conflict Management

by admin on May 28, 2013

Conflict Management Webinar presented by Dr Rick Goodman

90 Minute Conflict Management Webinar Presented by Dr. Rick Goodman.


Conflict comes in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of whether we enjoy it,…

Conflict is already a part of our life and how we deal with it determines whether we have a positive or negative approach towards the experience.

In order to succeed, you must be able to learn mastering the art of conflict management or you’ll risk damaging your career, personal happiness and worse, other people’s happiness who are depending on you.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Handle confrontation calmly and professionally, without fear, dread, or anxiety.
  • Never again lose your cool when you’re involved in conflict.
  • Significantly strengthen workplace relationships by knowing how to work through disagreements.
  • Recognize symptoms of brewing conflict and head it off before it happens.
  • Shut down backstabbers and those who spread gossip about you and others.
  • Know exactly what to say when someone puts you down or criticizes you unjustly in front of others.
  • Work through differences with your boss for win-win results.
  • Know what to say when in specific uncomfortable workplace situations involving conflict.
  • Confront the annoying behavior of others without angering or offending them.
  • Keep anger, tears, and unwanted emotions in check at all times.
  • Boost your productivity by no longer wasting time and energy in pointless arguments with coworkers and supervisors.
  • Know how to defuse an angry person so the situation doesn’t escalate.
  • Use disagreement as a tool to strengthen your team and improve cooperation.
  • Enjoy a calmer, more harmonious work environment where people get along.
  • Easily avoid being dragged into arguments you want no part of.
  • Use easy de-stressing tips to stay calm and collected.
  • Identify toxic stressors that bring conflict into your life and eliminate them wherever possible.
  • Communicate clearly to end mixed messages that can lead to disagreements.
  • Earn respect throughout your organization, thanks to your new-found conflict-management skills.
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