Championship Life Challenge Episode 11

Championship Life Challenge Episode 11

by Dr. Rick Goodman on September 26, 2014
2016 Championship Life Challenge Episode 11 - If Time & Money Weren't an Issue

The crazy idealist

I began to think of different ideas that would remove these two
factors so that people would be free to dream and think about the
possibilities of what they could achieve in life.

I was listening to a motivational program by Brian Tracy, and he spoke about his
concept of the Crazy Idealist, a technique he uses when setting

Suddenly something clicked. I now had a good idea of how I
could remove the factors of time and money from being a barrier
that stopped many people from setting goals. 

Picture this—we have just boarded a plane and the destination is Las Vegas,
Nevada. Once we arrive we are going to take a limo and go to a
special casino where everybody wins. You and I are no different,
and in no time each of us has won five million dollars. With this
kind of money the sky is the limit and you have nothing but time
on your hands and money to enjoy all the things previously you
could only have dreamed about. 

If you like to play golf, you could build a house on a golf course. If you like to travel you could fly to Spain for breakfast, Italy for lunch, and Paris for dinner.
With that in mind, take out your pad of paper, and at the top
label it Crazy Idealist.

Begin to write down everything that you want to Be, Do, and

You don’t want to stop writing until you have everything
on this Crazy Idealist. List the people you want to meet, places
you want to go, and things that you want to do. 

When you’re completely finished, put this Crazy Idealist away for twenty-four
hours so it has time to settle into your subconscious mind.

The next day pick up the Crazy Idealist and follow the same
process as you did with the SMART goal setting method. 

I found that those individuals who use this formula easily remove some of
the mental barriers that keep them from achieving their goals and
also accelerate the process.

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Dr. Rick GoodmanChampionship Life Challenge Episode 11