Championship Challenge - Gear Up for 2015!

Championship Challenge – Gear Up for 2015!

by Dr. Rick Goodman on December 12, 2014

What do all championship athletes and teams have in common with the world’s most successful people?

They all have a game plan for the ultimate victory! Whatever you want to achieve is entirely possible, and all it takes is having a strategic game plan, and maintaining your focus – just like the pros.

In Living a Championship Life, Dr. Rick Goodman provides you with just that plan. It includes practical, real-life insights, and easy-to-implement action steps that will dramatically free up your time, increase you wealth, and help you solidify your most important relationships.

Join Dr. Rick over the next several weeks as he challenges you to achieve all your goals and dreams.

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Dr. Rick GoodmanChampionship Challenge – Gear Up for 2015!