Catch People Doing The Right Thing! Be a Good Finder!

by Dr. Rick Goodman on April 6, 2015

Hi this is Dr. Rick Goodman team building and leadership expert with your Monday morning motivation.

Today I want you to catch people doing the right thing!

That’s right I want you to catch them doing the right thing and then I want to praise them in public so that when they go home at night they can’t wait to tell their friends and family about all the great things that you said about them!

Too often we look for people doing the wrong thing and then we constructively criticize them!

In fact when we say let me give you a little constructive criticism the only word that individual hears is the word criticism.

This week catch someone doing something good and praise them soon you will see these people become more productive,happier and engaged.

When we do this we allow our people to grow as individuals and we create a fully engaged home and work environment.

So this week be that Good finder and let us know all the great results that you have!

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Dr. Rick GoodmanCatch People Doing The Right Thing! Be a Good Finder!