Building The Right Leadership Skills For Today's World Episode 25

Building The Right Leadership Skills For Today’s World Episode 25

by Dr. Rick Goodman on September 5, 2019

Building the right leadership skills in today’s world is crucial for your success as a leader. In this episode we will discuss the importance of having the right leadership skills and the seven key leadership skills that will bring you the results you desire.

I am often asked buy leaders and executives that I coach if I believe that leaders, we’re born that way or if they have developed their skills over long period of time. I believe both are true, I think that there are some natural born leaders however they always have to develop their skills and are constantly working on themselves.

I believe there is seven key leadership skills that we need to develop in order to be successful.

Seven Key Leadership Skills for Success!


  1. In today’s world leaders must be agile things can change in a minute and I have to be flexible enough to respond.


  1. Leaders need to develop their sense of vision and be able to communicate that effectively to their team in order to achieve their goals.


  1. Delegation is going to be the key to a leaders success. It’s impossible for you to do everything on your own and sometimes you’re going to find people on your team that we’ll be able to do a better job than you can.


  1. A leader is going to have to motivate their team to reach levels they never thought possible. I always say, “teams go where you go” and “you can’t sell what you don’t own.” So, it’s imperative that you walk your talk!


  1. Leaders in today’s world need to be able to develop talent. You have to put the wooden before you go to get the fire out and one of the biggest mistakes leaders make is not fully training the members on their team.


  1. Stress management is another skill that today’s leaders need to develop. The workplace can be a stressful place and the leader needs to know how to roll with the punches. We work to live we don’t live to work, and balance is going to be the key.


  1. A true leader always sets the example. Your team is always going to be watching your every move so act the way you want your team to act and you will be developing Solutions oriented team.


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Dr. Rick GoodmanBuilding The Right Leadership Skills For Today’s World Episode 25