Building Loyalty and Brand Value

by Dr. Rick Goodman on October 31, 2006

I just returned from St. Louis where I was visiting my children and got to witness how a professional organization builds brand value and loyalty among their customers. I am referring specifically to the World Series Champions St. Louis Cardinals.
There are many lessons to be learned from this organization and the first of which is to focus on your customers needs and put a quality product on the field. The Cardinals have been doing this year in and out for at least four decades. They have attracted fans from all over the Midwest and points in the southern part of our country.
The new stadium that was opened this year was built with their number one customer in mind the fans. What if you built your products and services with your best customers in mind. Do you think you would build loyalty? I think the answer is obvious of course you would. There are also plans underway to build a baseball village next to the new stadium with restaurants and shops to cater to their fans.
Walt Jocketty and Tony Larussa the G.M. and Manager have spent money and invested it in their product and now they are enjoying another World Championship. Winning builds loyalty to the brand and it’s customers. Just think if we could do that everyday in our business and our lives the relationships we would have with our customers would be Rock Solid for years to come

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Dr. Rick GoodmanBuilding Loyalty and Brand Value