Be Grateful and Attract Success

by Dr. Rick Goodman on December 4, 2007

It’s interesting what an attitude of gratitude can do for attracting success into your life! In my most recent blog I wrote about being thankful for all the different technology that I have been able to utilize in order to grow my business. The response I got from the blog, and from the companies that I wrote about was overwhelming. In fact, I almost felt bad for not mentioning certain individuals who had contributed to the success of these projects.

So I’d like to mention the rest of those individuals now from that company called I personally would like to thank Ashok, Dave, Israel, Julious and the whole team at outsource for doing a tremendous job and being a pleasure to work with. Soon after I wrote this blog other interesting things started to happen in my life to contribute to an outstanding day!

As I was thinking about how grateful I was in reflecting on the blog I had written and the year that had passed my phone rang. It was a gentleman named Charlie Jones calling me to inform me that I was being booked to speak at the annual meeting for the North Carolina bankers Association at the Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas this coming June.

At that moment I thought I might want to keep getting grateful, because just like a magnet the more grateful I got the more good news I was attracting. I decide to go to the gym to work out on the treadmill, this is the best time for me to do my visualization and affirmation exercises. Five minutes into my workout I glanced down to look at my Blackberry and the red light was flashing on and off indicating that I just received a new e-mail.

More good news my new company Advantage Legal Seminars had just been approved by the state of Illinois, to be a provider for continuing legal education thus enabling our company to operate in 20 states and growing.

I am more convinced than ever before that when we take a moment to reflect and look back at all the good things and people that we have in our life, including our family , friends and the people we serve. We will truly realize that we are wealthy people! The most magnificent thing about this concept is that when we get grateful our inherent magnet will attract all the success that we need in our life. So get started and get grateful!

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Dr. Rick GoodmanBe Grateful and Attract Success