The Art of Rapport In Building Life Long Patients

by Dr. Rick Goodman on May 23, 2009

People do business with people who they like who all are like them.  Suffice to say, in order to build rapport with your patients there are a couple of major steps you need to take to in order to build a lifelong practice.

It’s more important than ever before that you build rapport with your patients in order to maximize results.  The F.C.B. Otherwise Known as Your Faith, Confidence and Belief that your patients have in the doctor and staff is directly proportional to the success you’re going to have in the healing process.

The first thing that you need to do in order to build rapport is to educate your patients.  Statistics indicate that the doctors with the largest practices have the best education system for their patients.  All patients in those offices understand why they are being treated and what their treatment program can do for them.  Their understanding of the healing process enables them to make the right choices regarding their health.

Your waiting room should be filled with information and testimonials from other satisfied patients.  This will set the tone for the new patients that come into the office and they too will have the faith confidence and belief in knowing that they are in the right place and have chosen the right doctor.  So the question for today is, what are you doing in your office setting and with your patients that builds rapport?

Step one: In order to build lifelong patients each doctor and every staff member should find out two things that they have in common with each patient.  Maybe you both have children; maybe you could have grown up in the same area together something that you have in common with those patients will help them to feel comfortable.

Step two: In your weekly staff meeting review the charts of all new patients with your staff so that all members of the team can become familiar with the patients and see if any of the staff members have things in common with any of the patients.

Step three: Fill your waiting room with educational materials that correspond with the type of care that you provide in your office.  You want to create an atmosphere that says to your patient that they are in the right place.

Just by virtue of taking these three simple steps your relationships will start to grow with your patients as well as your staff. So get started today!

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Dr. Rick GoodmanThe Art of Rapport In Building Life Long Patients