Are You Focused on the 10 Percenter’s?

by Dr. Rick Goodman on July 6, 2011

Are you focused on the 10 Percenter’s in your life? You know these people they are the type that would win the winning lottery ticket and still complain about paying taxes. They generally see the cup as half empty and always focus on the trivial instead of the big picture!

You know some of these people maybe even intimately. Some of them are your ex spouses or significant others, some of them are your in-laws or your brothers or sisters and some of them are your colleagues, your boss and your children.

So why do we focus on the few instead of the masses?

When I was actively practicing chiropractic I may have had 100 patients come to my office in a day and 99 of them were thrilled with the service that we provided and one would complain and leave and tell us that they would never come back again! At that time in my life I would focus and obsess about that one client who prevented me from hearing and receiving the love that my other patients were giving me.

How many of you out there have experienced the same scenario in your lives?

Today I was doing my workout in Marco Island Florida. Since there is no boardwalk to skate on things can get a little dicey on the open road even with the speed limit set at 35 mph. I decided to skate against incoming traffic in order to see the cars coming at me and for them in turn to see me. This was a perfect test for my 10 percent rule.

With two oncoming lanes which cars would kindly move over to the open lane and which ones would come directly at me. Also what would my reaction be either way? The good news is that I am happy to be alive and well to report my results and here is how it went on my eight-mile trek!

With just about 200 cars total passing and coming at me only 2 did not move our 10 Percenter’s! One happened early on so I decided to salute the drivers and give them a thumbs up in advance of our approaching each other and The Results Were AMAZING!

The driver either smiled, gave me the thumbs up back or saluted! Only two people threw their arms up in disgust and we have to figure that they are in the family of 10 Percenter’s.

The Good News is that it is currently 9:30 am on Saturday July 2, 2011 I got my workout in and made almost 200 people smile!

Have a Safe Holiday!

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Dr. Rick GoodmanAre You Focused on the 10 Percenter’s?

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