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Are You a Micromanager?

by Dr. Rick Goodman on March 20, 2017

As part of my leadership coaching, I often ask people this question: What kind of leader do you most like to work for? This can be a helpful way to get people to understand their own style, their own needs and preferences.

I’ve asked the question many times and to many people, and I’ve received a multitude of answers. There’s one answer I’ve never received, though. I’ve never heard anyone say they wanted to work for a micromanager.

That’s because, well, nobody likes micromanagers. That kind of leadership style can have a corrosive impact on trust and positivity in your company culture. And yet, micromanagers do exist. In fact, it’s not impossible that you’re one of them.

The Signs of a Micromanager

How can you tell? Let me run through some quintessential traits of micromanagers, and you can decide for yourself how many of these fit your leadership style. If indeed you are a micromanager, it may be time to do some soul-searching, or even to invest in an executive coach to help you modify your leadership approach.

Some of the signs you might be a micromanager include:

  • You obsess over control. You constantly need to know what everyone on your team is doing. You insist that everything be done your way, and you routinely call back work that doesn’t meet your particular standard. You fear the loss of control in your office.
  • You try to do everything all on your own. You ultimately think you can run a business as a one-person show.
  • You believe that you alone have the best approach to every task… and that your employees don’t have good ideas or alternative points of view that are worth considering.
  • You are constantly suspicious that people are wasting time and resources. You ask for detailed records of supply use, phone calls, etc.
  • You look for any excuse you can find to organize a meeting… no matter how unnecessary it may be.
  • You refuse to delegate. Or, when you do delegate, you immediately start second-guessing your decision.

Diagnose Yourself

If you meet any of the criteria of a micromanager, well, it’s a safe bet that you’ve already been diagnosed as such by members of your team. But there are ways to change your habits, and one of the best ones is engaging an executive coach. Reach out to me to learn more!

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Dr. Rick is famous for helping organizations, corporations, and individuals with systems, strategies, and solutions that encourage engagement, resulting in increased profits and productivity without having the challenges of micromanaging the process. Some of Dr. Rick’s clients include Heineken, AT&T, Boeing, Cavium Networks, IBM, Hewlett Packard, and Franklin Templeton Investments.

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Dr. Rick GoodmanAre You a Micromanager?